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NP SRO ‘ROSO’ – is the association of construction companies and individual entrepreneurs from all regions of Russia. Objectives of self-regulated organization include rendering professional support to members of the partnership, and provision access to civil works. Access authorization of SRO is necessary for execution of construction, reconstruction, and capital repair works. You can familiarize yourself with the list of works provided by SRO ‘ROSO’ on our web-site.

SRO ‘ROSO’ objectives are providing safety of professional works, preventing emergencies, improving quality of performed works, realizing the mechanism of professional works insurance, organizing information interaction, and establishing business contacts between the members of the partnership.


The Partnership consists of
from 15 regions of Russia

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Benefits of SRO ROSO

membership fees!

Fees are established for the minimal level for RF all regions

Representative offices
all over Russia!

Due to our representatives, we easily cooperate with all regions of Russia

of our company!

Minimum bureaucratic obstacles for joining SRO and obtaining admissions to works

Geographic footprint

700 partners in the region

Central Federal District:

Moskva | Belgorod | Ivanovo | Kaluga | Orel | Ryazan | Smolensk | Tver | Vladimir | Voronezh | Yaroslavl | ...

0 partners in the region


1 partner in the region

North-Caucasian Federal Distric:


350 partners in the region

Southern Federal District:

Astrakhan | Krasnodar | Rostov-na-Donu | Sochi | Volgograd

298 partners in the region

Northwestern Federal District:

Arkhangelsk | Cherepovec | Kaliningrad | Sankt-Peterburg | Vologda

88 partners in the region

Privolzhsky Federal District:

Kazan | Nizhnij Novgorod | Perm | Samara | Saratov

122 partners in the region

Urals Federal District:

Chelyabinsk | Ekaterinburg | Magnitorogsk | Nizhnij Tagil | Tyumen

157 partners in the region

Siberian Federal District:

Barnaul | Irkutsk | Krasnoyarsk | Novosibirsk | Omsk | Tomsk

35 partners in the region

Far Eastern Federal District :

Khabarovsk | Vladivostok | Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Dear members of NP SRO ‘ROSO’, applicants for joining NP SRO ‘ROSO’ and partners of NP SRO ‘ROSO’! In connection with frequent cases of abusing the freedom of speech, managers of some information portals concerning self-regulation and informal sites of other self-regulation organizations, and also of ignoring of legal requirements to inadmissibility of distribution of the discrediting information not true to reality, we would ask you not to take into consideration such information in relation of our Partnership.

Information located on the official NP SRO ‘ROSO’ site corresponds to facts, and the Partnership is responsible for this information.

Furthermore, we would recommend to take into consideration only the information located on our official sites, i.e., http://www.gosnadzor.ru (Rostechnadzor official site) and http://www.nostroy.ru/ (Official site of National Constructors Association).